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Humber College Does a Profile

My former school Humber College does a profile on me and the release of Undercard. I really valued, and benefited from, my time developing in their School for Writers. This piece details how my education there helped me improve Undercard and get it sold.

Why Writing Every day Isn’t Always the Best Idea

There is a lot of advice for writers circulating on the internet, often from famous authors. One piece of advice that I often see is “Write Every day”. I have also heard this mantra from aspiring writers, as if this is the golden rule to becoming a successful writer. It does sound like sensible and […]

Introduction: Writing Tips and Tricks

Dear Readers, It is with great joy that I now have a website up and running, and a blog to go with it. Thank you for visiting. This being my very first entry I would like to introduce myself and what I’d like to achieve with this blog. You can find information on my background […]