It has been very exciting and rewarding to learn of the positive reception of Riposte in France. Released by HarperCollins France in March, Riposte means both “retaliation” and “counter”, as in counterpunch in boxing, a perfect title for the French translation of Undercard. Riposte has received several reviews, described and linked below. If you cannot read French, Google Chrome does translate the articles into English. While the computer-generated translation isn’t perfect, it still gives a sense of the articles. I’m so appreciative of these reviews and my invite to the Quais du Polar festival, and I hope you enjoy them.

Le Journal du Dimanche Review/Interview
This is a very dynamic article by Karen Lajon that is both an interview with me and a vivid review of the novel.

News of the Virtual Edition of Quais du Polar 2020
The French Noir/Crime Fiction festival Quais du Polar, which takes place every year in Lyon, was cancelled this year due to the coronavirus. I was supposed to speak at the physical version of the festival in early April. However, Quais du Polar still held a virtual festival, and for it I shared my thoughts on the noir genre by video. The French publishing trade magazine wrote an article about this virtual festival and I happened to be in their featured photo.

The Killer Inside Me Review of Riposte
On this website, dedicated to noir literature, is a great review of Riposte.

Nyctalopes Review of Riposte
This is a very evocative and generous review of Riposte.

I was delighted to write an article for Post City Magazine about the 50 year anniversary of a Greater Toronto Area institution, Mayfair Clubs, a group of sports, health, and wellness facilities, with an emphasis on indoor tennis and squash. Read the article to find out about the incredible community Mayfair Clubs has created, and its contributions to tennis, squash, fitness and wellness in Toronto.

Undercard book review by Murder in Common
Undercard book review by Murder in Common

Murder in Common, a blog that is “Passionate About Crime Fiction Books”, has reviewed Undercard. The blogger, June Lorraine Roberts, writes: 

“Finally got around to reading this explosive book by David Albertyn, and I can say, Undercard is the book for you… Taking place over 24-hours this story of complex and complicated people who grew up together will have you reeling. Highly recommended!”

I’m so appreciative of this review. It’s wonderful that bloggers take the time to read so many books and help readers find new titles, and this is a blog well worth checking out for crime fiction fans.

I was stunned to find out on Jan 31 that Undercard has been nominated for the Evergreen Award in the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading, “Canada’s largest recreational reading program … to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages.” As much of an honour of being nominated for this award is who I have been nominated with. To share company with such great writers is rewarding indeed. This is a wonderful validation of Undercard’s literary merits. Yes, Undercard is a thriller, as exciting as any of them, but it is also a literary novel, dealing with a host of issues, and I’m very pleased, proud, and appreciative that it has been acknowledged in this way.

the author's book club featured in the quill & quire
the author's book club featured in the quill & quire

In just its first month The Authors’ Book Club has attracted over 35 authors to be a part of it, listing themselves and their books on our site, with links to contact them, and the initiative has also garnered the attention of Sue Carter and the Quill and Quire. We so appreciate the captivating and generous feature story on The Authors’ Book Club, which provides a great understanding of how this project came to be and what it hopes to be.

the author's book club featured in the star
the author's book club featured in the star

At the start of January 2020, a friend of mine, Ann Y.K. Choi (who is also a Toronto-based author), and I started a new initiative, The Authors’ Book Club, with the goal of connecting book clubs with authors, to help facilitate book clubs reaching out to authors to speak at their events, and on a broader level, to promote Canadian and Indigenous voices. Fiona Ross, a teacher-librarian, was of immense help to us early on in building this initiative and has since joined us as an organizer. The goal is for The Authors’ Book Club to be a central hub for book clubs in Canada to go to in order to find authors to speak at their events, in person or via a video chat. We were so pleased that The Toronto Star’s Deborah Dundas took note of our efforts and wrote about us in her article.

I was surprised and honoured to learn that Undercard made 49th Shelf’s list of Top Fiction in 2019. It was a remarkable year for me, a year of endless firsts. It was thrilling, overwhelming, and endlessly rewarding, and this recognition by 49th Shelf made for an extremely satisfying conclusion to it. It has amazed me how much people have enjoyed Undercard. Despite how much effort it took, I loved writing it, and it’s fulfilled a lifelong dream to know that people have loved reading it.

Written by Vanessa Mainella and Kathleen Brennan, this interview came out great. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my processes and thoughts on writing, and specifically on writing Undercard. Because there are spoilers, with the interview dealing with what occurs in the book, I was able to delve much deeper into my choices for plot and character. It was a very rewarding experience. You can read the full interview over at White Wall Review.

My first time attending the mystery/crime fiction convention of Bouchercon was a real joy. Taking place in Dallas, Texas, the convention had excellent panels, warm, welcoming people, and a sea of thrilling novels. Ironically, the people who read and write about murder are as kind and supportive as can be. I’m very pleased and honoured to be part of this community.  It was an experience to remember.

At ThrillerFest 2019 this past summer, I was interviewed by the Game of Books podcast, hosted by Christie Bunting and Cathi Twitero. They were great interviewers, putting one at ease with fun, engaging questions, and I really enjoyed it. My interview takes place at the 10 minute mark and lasts about 2 minutes.

You can listen to the podcast in full with the audio player below or visit Game of Books.