It has been very exciting and rewarding to learn of the positive reception of Riposte in France. Released by HarperCollins France in March, Riposte means both “retaliation” and “counter”, as in counterpunch in boxing, a perfect title for the French translation of Undercard. Riposte has received several reviews, described and linked below. If you cannot read French, Google Chrome does translate the articles into English. While the computer-generated translation isn’t perfect, it still gives a sense of the articles. I’m so appreciative of these reviews and my invite to the Quais du Polar festival, and I hope you enjoy them.

Le Journal du Dimanche Review/Interview
This is a very dynamic article by Karen Lajon that is both an interview with me and a vivid review of the novel.

News of the Virtual Edition of Quais du Polar 2020
The French Noir/Crime Fiction festival Quais du Polar, which takes place every year in Lyon, was cancelled this year due to the coronavirus. I was supposed to speak at the physical version of the festival in early April. However, Quais du Polar still held a virtual festival, and for it I shared my thoughts on the noir genre by video. The French publishing trade magazine wrote an article about this virtual festival and I happened to be in their featured photo.

The Killer Inside Me Review of Riposte
On this website, dedicated to noir literature, is a great review of Riposte.

Nyctalopes Review of Riposte
This is a very evocative and generous review of Riposte.