In this interview I recount the trials and tribulations of my publishing journey, and the wacky coincidence that helped me find my agent.

david albertyn youtube interview

This YouTube interview, conducted by my friend Maya on her channel Just Two Girls…, turned out to be a lot of fun. Because the YouTube format allows for longer interviews, I was able to answer questions in much greater depth than in my TV interview. I discuss, among other things, how my mother helped spark my interest in writing, how I came up with characters’ names, and how a growth mindset helped during the editorial process.

Guest blog post for Anansi
Guest blog post for Anansi

In this blog I wrote for my publisher, House of Anansi, I detail why sports, boxing especially, are featured so prominently in Undercard. A novel is born of many seeds of inspiration, and here I share the seeds that helped my writing grow.

My former school Humber College does a profile on me and the release of Undercard. I really valued, and benefited from, my time developing in their School for Writers. This piece details how my education there helped me improve Undercard and get it sold.