cjn provides david albertyn

This profile over at CJN gives great detail on my background, and how some of the things that I was exposed to growing up helped shape the themes and focuses of Undercard.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

For Albertyn, blending sport and literature has been decades in the making. He started writing short stories at age six, in his native South Africa, inspired by stories his mom wrote when she was that young.

“I always thought, as a kid, it was a foregone conclusion that I’d be a bestselling author,” he recalls.

But those dreams fell by the wayside when he fell into the sporting life. His father loved competition, and would challenge his son to road and swimming races. When the family moved to Toronto in 1993, his father bought him a punching bag and hung it from the rafters of their garage. Albertyn didn’t learn any proper techniques, but he did learn to love exercise. Tennis coaching came as naturally to him as cross-training in the boxing ring.

For the full profile, feel free to visit CJN here.