review of undercard novel by the post millennial

This review of my novel, Undercard, is the kind of reception you dream of when you’re writing the book.

“Colourfully descriptive with a charm that persists throughout, Undercard brings new life to a genre of storytelling that’s popularity has seen peaks and valleys… We’ve never seen a boxing story quite like this one… But Undercard isn’t just a boxing novel; it’s a thriller, with twists and turns that will leave you breathless… When a book like Albertyn’s comes along, it reminds you why you fell in love with sport stories in the first place.”

The review by The Post Millenial is a lot longer than the previous ones and gives a much fuller picture of the book and its strengths. Worth reading if you want to learn more about the book or see how it has been received. Definitely a piece I will cherish.